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A healthy environment for a good quality of life - Green 10 EP Manifesto

The Green10 of which HEAL is a member has prepared its top ten demands for the 2014 European Parliament elections which take place from 22 -25 May next year.

The Green10 Manifesto is available in full here


Europe is struggling to find its way out of multiple crises. Austerity measures in reaction to the economic crisis are causing untold human suffering. The environmental crisis is continuing apace, endangering the well-being of future generations. Meanwhile, little has been done to put the region on an environmentally sustainable path. Ten of the leading environmental organisations in the EU, representing over 20 million Europeans, believe that the answers to these crises lie in smarter and more sustainable EU policies. This will help Europe create new jobs, regain competitiveness, address the climate crisis and improve quality of life within the limits of our planet.

The European Parliament, a driver for sustainable change

To respond to these crises, new Members of Parliament elected in 2014 should focus on the following ten key priorities:

1. Create new jobs, shift the tax burden from labour to resource consumption, and eliminate environmentally- harmful subsidies through a new economic strategy based on sustainability principles.

2. Ensure the EU adopts three separate, ambitious and binding targets for renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions cuts and energy efficiency for 2030.

3. Halt Europe’s accelerated loss of biodiversity by 2020.

4. Put in place comprehensive resource-reduction, product and waste policies.

5. Adopt measures to reduce the use of pesticides and replace hazardous chemicals.

6. Limit air pollution and bring levels in line with latest health recommendations.

7. End European and global deforestation and forest degradation.

8. Oppose any new free trade deals, especially agreements with the US and Canada, that jeopardise strong social and environmental standards.

9. Put the environment at the heart of the global development goals to end poverty.

10. Guarantee the right to information, participation and justice for European citizens.

What can you do?

Send this Manifesto to your candidates running for election to the European Parliament on 22-25 May 2014 and ask them to support these 10 key demands. By doing so, you are joining over 20 million Europeans who want the environment to be a priority in the next European Parliament.

Remember: What they decide in Europe will affect your everyday life – and will have global impacts for our and future generations.

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Originally posted on 16 December 2013

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