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Civil society groups warn of TTIP risk on EDCs

NGOs called on the Rapporteur of the European Parliament’s Trade Committee to oppose a chemicals chapter in the EU US TTIP agreement because it could undermine future EU action on EDCs. NGOs have also set up an online platform to say no to ISDS.

MEP Bernd Lange leads the work on the position of the European Parliament’s (EP) lead committee on the planned EU-US trade deal (TTIP) in his capacity of rapporteur for the Trade Committee. A coalition of NGOs including HEAL urged him to follow advice of the MEPs in the Environment Committee and oppose regulatory cooperation on chemicals.

Earlier in April, the Parliament’s Environment Committee voted on its recommendations on TTIP for the EU Commission. They voted for taking ‘REACH and its implementation’ out of the scope of TTIP, and called for limits on regulatory cooperation. The EU Commission has proposed broad regulatory cooperation under TTIP, including on chemicals and extending to national as well as EU laws.

“The potential to realise efficiencies through regulatory cooperation under TTIP is very limited, and likely to come at the expense of slowing, stopping or reversing progress towards safer chemicals,” environmental and health NGOs and trade unions told MEP Lange. He was urged to incorporate the Environment Committee’s position into the final resolution on 28 May - after several long hours, the EP Trade Committee adopted a non-binding resolution that gave the go-ahead to the EU Commission on the EU-US trade agreement, conceding that a controversial Investor-State Dispute Settlement, albeit reformed, would remain part of the deal.

The EP was due to vote on the TTIP resolution today (10 June) but due to divisions with the two major groups (EPP and S&D), the President of the EP has to now postpone the scheduled vote. More information available in this article by Politico ’Parliament postpones EU-U.S. trade vote’.

No to ISDS!

Two environmental organisations AK Europa and Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE) have launched an online platform calling on MEPs to firmly reject special rights for foreign investors. More information on ISDS and how to take action available here

Individuals are also taking action via the Stop TTIP campaign at Deadline October 2015

Last updated on 10 June 2015

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