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Event: Spain health costs associated with exposure to EDCs

HEAL collaborated with its member Alborada Foundation in Madrid to organise a roundtable on the health impacts and costs of EDCs in Spain. The Spanish version of HEAL’s landmark EDC costs report (left) was launched at the event.

More than 100 people including researchers, decision-makers, NGOs, patients and workers associations attended the conference which took place in a modern organic market-restaurant in Madrid.

HEAL’s Chemicals and Health Project Coordinator Nadia El Bennich presented HEAL’s latest report ’’Health costs in the European Union - How much is related to EDCs’’ now available in Spanish.

HEAL also revealed for the first time the evaluation of costs for the eight health problems covered in the report: Attention Deficit Disorders, Deformed male genitals, Infertility, Prostate cancer, Breast cancer, Obesity, Autism, and Diabetes. For Spain, the total costs of the endocrine related diseases and conditions are €58,914 million annually. If 5% of these costs were attributable to exposure to EDCs, the bill for Spain would be €2,945 million annually.

The President of Alborada Foundation, Dr. Pilar Muñoz-Calero (left), presented a report on the relationship between EDCs and Chemical Sensitivity according to the experience documented from hundreds of patients suffering from this disease.

Dr. Nicolás Olea, a top researcher on EDCs in Spain (right), showed the results of the most recent investigations and the increased risk for the development of hormone-dependent cancer, such as breast and prostate cancer.

Daniel López Marijuán, Waste and Pollution Coordinator at Ecologistas en Acción (left), spoke about the EDC-Free Europe campaign “Say NO to EDCs” and what the public can do in order to avoid exposure to certain chemicals found in common use products.

Finally, a Spanish Member of the European Parliament Paloma López Bermejo (right) shared her work over the last months, which she explained was motivated by a meeting held with HEAL and Alborada Foundation in October 2014. She showed great interest in the issue and was committed to working harder on it, inviting both organisations to cooperate more closely in the future at both European and national level.

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Originally posted on 12 March 2015

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