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HEAL joins coal and health working meeting in Russia

On 8 September HEAL participated in a working meeting organised by Pacific Environment on the issue of coal and public health in Vladivostok, Russia.

The meeting was the third of a series on the health impacts of coal use. During the two-day gathering the organisers were particularly interested in discussing the health of populations living near coal facilities such as coal pits, power stations and terminals.

Pacific Environment has a long history of supporting grassroots initiatives in Russia and has worked on strengthening an anti-coal movement in the country over the last two years through organising exchanges focused on coal related issues, such as public health, climate change, indigenous rights or air and water pollution.

The goal of this meeting was to explore opportunities for collaboration between environmental NGOs and representatives of the health sector as well as brainstorm some ideas for a national communication campaign strategy on coal.

HEAL´s Climate Change and Health Coordinator Vijoleta Gordeljevic (right) joined the meeting virtually and shared HEAL’s experience of promoting healthy energy choices for better health in different countries, especially in Eastern Europe where the political environment required particular communications strategies in the past.

Vijoleta presented HEAL’s methods when engaging a wide range of health actors and shared a selection of Russian language materials HEAL has produced in the past such as a fact sheet on outdoor air pollution or a press release for our latest report, Europe´s Dark Cloud.

Many public health experts were present at the two-day meeting, which successfully brought together a discussion for a greater involvement of the health sector in energy choices forward.

More information: HEAL materials available in Russian

  • Europe’s Dark Cloud: How coal-burning countries are making their neighbours sick’ - RU Press Release
  • HEAL leaflet - Better health through a healthy environment in Russian
  • Indoor air pollution and the lungs – Fact Sheet for Adults - RU
  • Outdoor air pollution and the lungs - Fact Sheet for Adults - RU
  • Breast Cancer: Preventing the preventable - RU
  • Neurotox Briefing: Chemicals compromising our children - RU
  • Damp and Mould: Health risks, prevention and remedial actions - RU
  • “Stay Healthy, Stop Mercury” campaign - RU Executive Report Summary
  • From our member AWHHE - Global Lead Paint Elimination Campaigner
  • Russian HEAL Member wins award for environmental activism

Last updated on 28 September 2016

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