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HEAL Newsflash - December 2014

Health groups dismayed over lack of clarity on air package
EU Commission First Vice-President Timmermans’ announcement on the future of the clean air quality package in 2015, in particular the National Emissions Ceilings Directive (NEC), was disappointingly unclear, according to health, medical and air expert groups from all over Europe. Read more...

Open letter to EU Commission President on protecting public health from hormone disrupting chemicals
Health and environment organisations, doctors, scientists, and concerned professionals of the EDC-Free Europe coalition sent a letter to President Juncker urging him to ensure that the EU Commission takes clear action to minimise out multiple daily exposures to harmful hormone disrupting chemicals. Read more…

Letter in response to Business Europe calls for scrapping EU legislation
Twenty public interest groups challenge BusinessEurope’s statement asking new the Commission to scrap EU legislation. Read more…

Midterm review of the WHO Europe Environment and Health Process
In March 2015, representatives of health and environment ministries from 53 countries will come together to assess progress in reaching ambitious targets to protect children from environmental threats. HEAL and WECF will contribute with a delegation of health and environmental experts and social media action. Read more...

NGOs offer easy way for citizens to tell EU to stop exposures to hormone disrupting chemicals
EDC-Free Europe has launched an online platform to ‘Say NO to hormone disrupting chemicals’. This easy to use platform allows individuals to respond to the EU public consultation on EDCs. Read more…

International Chemicals talks highlight health sector involvement, EDCs and milestones to achieving 2020 goal
HEAL is participating in the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management’s (SAICM’s) meeting this week in Geneva, Switzerland as part of the IPEN network to share successes from the health sector and advocate for milestones to minimise health effects from chemical pollution. Read more…

Nordic countries estimate high costs from chemical exposure
The Nordic Council of Ministers, representing Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have published a report focusing on a socio-economic analysis of costs linked to effects of EDCs on male reproductive health. Read more…

Joint position paper on DEHP in PVC plastic
A last plea to the EU Commission to reject authorisation of the hormone disrupting chemical DEHP, in PVC plastic, found in many everyday consumer items. Read more…

New resource on health threats posed by EDCs
The Endocrine Society and IPEN have published a guide to educate the public and advise policy makers on EDCs and their health threats. The guide which comes at a timely moment, will be used to mobilise individuals to answer the EU public consultation on EDCs. Read more…

Pesticide Action Week 2015
The 10th edition of Pesticide Action Week takes place from 20 – 30 March 2015, an annual event informing the public about the impacts of pesticides on health and the environment and to promote alternatives. Read more…

Health community commitment brings gains in Lima
Participants at the Climate and Health Summit, organised alongside the official UN climate negotiations in Lima (UNFCCC COP20) heard that the health community’s strong engagement on climate change is increasingly acknowledged by international negotiators. Read more…

Cleaner air would offer major health benefits in the Balkans
Three briefings released by HEAL highlight the heavy toll on health resulting exposure to poor air quality in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Montenegro. Energy production and use is of particular concern as a source of air pollution. Read more…

Mutual Benefit Societies want stronger action on air quality to boost public health
The International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM) continues to call on the EU to act on air quality. In June 2014 AIM launched the Bruges Declaration on air pollution and health. Read more…

Medical community discuss health and coal in Serbia
Last month HEAL co-hosted a conference of medical experts on health and coal combustion in Serbia, together with the Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut” and the Professional Association of Physicians. Read more…

Better health and air quality event in Poland
On 4 December, HEAL in Poland brought together 70 leading health experts, medical institutions and policy-makers to discuss the latest science on air pollution in Poland, and ways to improve the air. Read more...

Launch of HEAL in Poland website HEAL has launched a Polish website providing basic information on air pollution and the health effects, health community activities in Poland and solutions for everyone to work towards better air quality. Read more...

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  • HEAL Executive Director speaks at UN Climate Summit panel (September 2014) – video available


January 2015

  • 6, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium: Screening of Stephane Horel’s documentary film Endocrination
  • 16: EU public consultation on EDCs closes
  • 19, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium: Healthy Lungs for Life by ELF and ERS

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  • EDC-Free Europe encourages public comments on EU consultation via @FoodQualityNews
  • RT @GCHAlliance: Congratulations to Mya Sherman for winning the People’s Choice award for her presentation at #ClimateHealth2014 today

Originally posted on 18 December 2014

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