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HEAL Newsflash - March 2015

European environment - state and outlook report 2015 - evidence and trends to guide policy action
The European Environment Agency has launched its five-yearly assessment of the European environment in a global context. HEAL’s Executive Director presented an evaluation on what this means for health at a launch event co-hosted by the European Policy Center in Brussels. Read more…

Civil society organisations call on MEPs to deliver strong resolution on TTIP negotiations
HEAL joined 374 civil society organisations from across Europe calling on all MEPs to agree on a strong resolution to protect the environment and health of its citizens and put public interest first. Read more…

Massive health costs from EDCs prompt further calls from HEAL for regulation
A series of peer-reviewed studies published last week finds that human exposure to EDCs contribute to a number of diseases and disabilities with estimated costs exceeding €150 Billion annually in the EU. Read more…

Event: Health costs in Spain associated with exposure to EDCs
HEAL collaborated with its member Alborada Foundation in Madrid to organise a roundtable on the health impacts and costs of EDCs in Spain. The Spanish version of HEAL’s landmark EDC costs report was launched at the event. Read more...

Munich workshop for health and patient groups on EDCs
On 5 March, HEAL organised with its member Women in Europe for a Common Future Germany (WECF) and the Women’s Health Centre (Frauengesundheitszentrum) a one day event to discuss EDCs and their link to health problems including chronic diseases. Read more…

New research shows maldevelopment of baby boys’ genitals linked to DEHP exposure
New research confirms that women’s exposure to diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) in early pregnancy could be harming their sons’ reproductive health. Read more…

Countdown to Pesticide Action Week
The 10th edition of Pesticide Action Week takes place from 20 – 30 March 2015, an annual event informing the public about the impacts of pesticides on health and the environment and to promote alternatives. Read more…

Kolkata Call to Action: World’s public health leaders advocate for an end to coal
HEAL welcomes the Kolkata Call to Action released at the 14th World Congress on Public Health in India. Read more…

Geneva climate talks end with draft global agreement
HEAL welcomes the inclusion of health in a new draft version of the global climate agreement, adopted by delegates from almost 200 countries. Read more…

His Royal Highness speaks out on the health benefits of climate action
A joint event to discuss health sector engagement in the run up to the UN climate negotiations in Paris, involved His Royal Highness Prince Charles’ International Sustainability Unit and the WHO, hosted by the Royal Society. Read more…

Turkish doctors say cleaner air would offer major health benefits
Endorsed by five medical organisations including the Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Society of Public Health Specialists, Turkish Thoracic Society, Turkish Respiratory Society and Turkish Occupational Medicine Society, a new HEAL briefing highlights the heavy toll on health resulting from exposure to poor air quality in Turkey. Read more…

Polish air quality programme launched

On 9 March the Polish Environment Minister launched a draft national programme on air quality to identify the key actions needed to improve air quality in Poland and to encourage ministries, local governments, NGOs and the public to cooperate in the area. Read more…

Pollen is in the air

HEAL and member EFA were panellists at the final conference of ATOPICA, an EU funded research project on atopic diseases in changing climate, land use & air quality. Read more…

Improving indoor air quality in EU schools
HEAL and several of its members were partners of SINPHONIE, an EU-funded research project on indoor air quality in EU schools and its impact on children’s health. The results of the investigations are now available. Read more...

Members’ news

- Générations Futures - 19 endocrine disrupting pesticides found in samples of women’s hair

- EPHA – EU Parliament to bring on health concerns to European Semester

- Initiativ Lieuwensufank - Climate change at recent executive board of the World Health Assembly

- ELF - Patient organisation interview: Lung Cancer Europe

- Générations Futures – New book on EDCs and the invisible threat

- Generations Cobayes – REACH, an effective protection for consumers?

- One Health Sweden – Benefits of an overall One Health perspective in society


- HEAL submission on consultation: Future of Energy Community
- Air Pollution and Health in Turkey: Facts, Figures and Recommendations - English - Turkish

- El coste sanitario en la unión europea - ¿Cuánto corresponde a los disruptores endocrinos?

- CHM materials: Bookmark ENDE, Poster ENDE



- 18: CHE Partnership Call: Endocrine Disruptive Effects of BPA Substitutes with Dr. Johanna Rochester
- 20 – 30: Pesticide Action Week
- 24: CHE Partnership Call: A High Price to Pay: Burden of Disease & Costs of EDCs in the EU
- 24: Launch of Healthy Homes Barometer
- 28: Earth Hour

April 2015

- 7: World Health Day
- 11: EU Parkinson’s Day
- 14 – 16, Brussels, Belgium: Informal Environment and Energy Council
- 28, Stoke-on-Trent, UK: Conference on urban design, green space and human health

May 2015

- 18, Brussels, Belgium: Fifth Paris Appeal on electromagnetic fields and chemicals
- 18-19, Malaga, Spain: EFA 2015 AGA

June 2015

- 3- 5, Brussels, Belgium: EU Green Week
- 24, Paris, France: ANSES conference - ‘Health risks, precaution and innovation’

Take Action

- Public consultation on a proposed restriction on the use of decaBDE, a brominated flame retardant used in plastics & textiles - Deadline 17 March 2015

- Public consultation on Conclusions & Recommendations of the EFSA/WHO Expert Working Group on TTC - Deadline 29 March 2015

- Consultation for harmonised classifcation & labelling on biocide 5-chloro-2-(4-chlorophenoxy)phenol - Deadline 24 April 2015

- REACH Authorisation - Consultation on application for low volumes & extension of transitional arrangements for uses in legacy spare parts - Deadline 30 April 2015

- - Tell the G20 to #StopFundingFossils

HEAL in the media

- EP studio TV interview with NFU on pesiticides
’Europe and You’ (3.24-13.32 minutes), 7 March 2015

- Health costs of hormone disrupting chemicals over €150bn a year in Europe, says study
Guardian, 6 March 2015

- Kömür Santralleri Kirli Havayı Daha da Kirletiyor
Bianet (national online news portal), 24 February 2015

- ’Termik Santraller nedeniyle bir yılda 28 bin 924 kişi hayatını kaybetti’
T24 (national newspaper), 24 February 2015

- Polska się dusi. Za takie powietrze grozi nam 4 mld euro kary
Gazeta Wyborcza, 16 February 2015

HEAL Tweets
- New @WHO_Europe report: Residential heating with wood & #coal: #health impacts & policy options in Europe & N. America
- @HealthandEnv Deputy Director on #EU policies for prevention of impact of pollen-related allergies in Europe @AtopicaProject today #health
- @EUEnvironment #SOER provides evidence-based answers, will policy-makers draw the right conclusions?
- @TTIP_Focus #EU orgs call on #MEPs for strong #TTIP resolution. Negotiations closed & civil society demands ignored
- 5 leading med orgs @ttborgtr @hasuder @ToraksDernegi @solunum iMUD endorse HEAL factsheet #airpollution health Turkey

Originally posted on 12 March 2015

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HEAL has over 70 member organisations, representing health professionals, not-for-profit health insurers, doctors, nurses, cancer and asthma groups, citizens, women’s groups, youth groups, environmental NGOs, scientists and public health institutes. Members include international and Europe-wide organisations, as well as national and local groups. Read more »

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