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Find HEAL’s latest press releases on pesticides and health here, we update this page regularly.

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Date Title
06/04/2017 To what extent are the French exposed to glyphosate - the world’s best-selling herbicide?
24/02/2017 French celebrities discover their bodies contain unwanted chemicals
20/02/2017 Leading non-profit health insurer alerts EU health ministers on EDCs
15/02/2017 JOINT STATEMENT: CETA is an unhealthy deal: lessons to be learnt for future EU trade policy
13/02/2017 Endocrine disrupting pesticides in tap and surface water
08/02/2017 European citizens’ initiative to #StopGlyphosate
12/01/2017 Vote on EU-Canada deal disappoints health groups
09/01/2017 Low-dose, long-term exposure to Roundup causes disease in rats
22/12/2016 EU’s never-ending story on protective criteria to identify hormone disruptors continues
08/11/2016 NGOs’ verdict to Commission’s revised proposal on EDC criteria: not right again!
25/10/2016 EU-Canada Trade and Investment Deal Fails its First Democratic Test
11/10/2016 Do breakfast cereals contain endocrine-disrupting pesticides?
07/07/2016 European Commission crosses Parliament’s red lines on TTIP, say over 65 organisations
19/05/2016 HEAL reacts on glyphosate vote delay
01/03/2016 Press Release - Survey findings show those living near pesticide spraying exposed to EDCs
25/03/2015 Media advisory - Mums and parents-to-be call for reductions in pesticide use
12/03/2015 Nineteen endocrine disrupting pesticides found in samples of women’s hair
29/04/2014 21 residues of endocrine disrupting pesticides found in samples of children’s hair
11/04/2014 Farmers who are “victims of pesticides” call for EU action
20/03/2012 Daily chemical exposure adds to obesity and diabetes risk
18/01/2012 EU biocides law considered a “standstill” by NGOs
13/10/2011 CAP reform: a pale and unhealthy shade of green
27/09/2011 "Notre Poison quotidien" highlights EU’s environmental health challenges
20/03/2011 Week without pesticides becomes "Pesticides Alternatives Week"
14/03/2011 Our daily poison: Film investigates the causes of our cancer epidemic
15/12/2010 More guidance for countries on EU pesticide legislation needed
21/10/2010 Four-language push to link pesticide use and cancer prevention
22/09/2010 EP fails to protect consumers and the environment from biocides
23/06/2010 European Parliament Committee strengthens draft biocides law, but concerns remain
14/01/2010 Cancer-linked pesticides used in schools - New survey
04/11/2009 EU Biocide Policy – Safety for Health and Biodiversity first!
13/01/2009 Parliament clears final hurdle towards EU pesticide blacklist
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